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I am an aspiring vegan. I believe that any blacks in America are inspired to open many businesses. But unfortunately the only options we have are to work for both old and new company's. Why is this? Some will say that our people are lazy. Don't want to work for any thing and are afraid of hard work and/or success. But for some reason they fail to mention every intentional blockage put in front of us to stop our success. Instead this is call complaining and blaming others for our failures. Even though, these are facts. All throughout history angry jealous whaite americans have done everything to block our success. But we are supposed to look at this black manager and be happy and or proud that she is still working for a white owner. Deep inside I know that she would rather have her own. Just like many of my people! Perhaps this is just another angry black woman rant. I'll be that because we as a people have a lot to be angry about. And fuck that new grocery store. My people probably will not be able to shop there due to the pricing (haven't checked it yet j/s) and if it is affordable then my people shouldn't shop there. It is time to OWN OUR OWN! and no this is not being racist. It is being REAL! Visit www.1cmbruh.wordpress.com to read about a solution that will help our black community accomplish these goals.
Posted on February 12, 2019

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