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CIAA Tournament – Day Two

Posted by: Editor-Bonitta Best on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 12:00:00 am

Surprisingly twice as many people here at 10 a.m. than yesterday, and it's not middle school day either. And a spirited crowd on both ends.

Both teams playing aggressively in the early going. Game tied at 10. Fans can watch the game and replays on the Jumbotron today.

This game is the most spirited one so far. You'd think they were hated rivals or something. Players are really going at it. Vikings lead 20-16 with just under 10 minutes left in half.

It's not yet 11 a.m. and it's starting to get C-O-L-D inside Bojangles Coliseum. We should have brought our fur coat.

Technical foul called on Vikings for a hard foul. Roger Ray hits two free throws to give Blue Bears a 33-30 lead with 3:33 left. Then Navar Elmore turns around and fouls John Maynor shooting a three. Maynor makes 2 of 3 and ECSU trails by 1.

Livingstone's Samuel McClendon just nailed a 30-footer to give BBs a 40-39 halftime lead.

LC's Cameron Burhannon leads the game with 11 points. Burhannon just smashes down a dunk to put the BB up by four early in the second. Ray gives the BBs their biggest lead of 6 points with 15:50 left. Make that 8 on a thunderous dunk by Navar Elmore. LC is looking good. Timeout.

Elmore slams home another one. 53-43 with 13:45 left.

Vikings making a mini-run. Have cut the lead to 8 with 11:57 left.

In other news, the MEAC has released a statement in response to Hampton's allegations of retaliation for leaving the conference Read it here.

Blue Bears holding on to 9-point lead with 9:36 left.

LC has upped its lead to 75-60 with 5:02 left. Uh oh, here we go. If the lead holds, BBs will play Bowie State tomorrow at 9 p.m. Bulldogs will have been off since Thursday and that's never a good thing.

Burhannon has 29 points. There have been more knockdowns in this game than a boxing match.

But wait, here come the Vikings. Somewhere along the way they have trimmed the lead to 7 with 3:10 left. Part of the reason is LC can't hit any free throws. Will kill you every time.

ECSU coach John Hill is going to get a technical. Twice he's been warned about running down the sideline screaming at a call. That would be disastrous right now.

LC still leads 92-84 but missed free throws is keeping ECSU in the game. 1:07 left.

LC is going to hold on for the win. But then again Hobbs nails a 3-pointer to cut it to 3 with 3.6 seconds left. Roger Ray at the line. Only needs 1. Misses first. Makes 2. Game over. 99-95. What a game!

Virginia Union vs. Winston-Salem State men is next.

Watched this game from inside the press room where it was 100 degrees warmer. For some who don't know, Bojangles hosts hockey games so there is ice underneath the floorboards and it gets COLD very quickly sitting on the floor.

The Panthers won and will face Shaw tomorrow at 7 p.m. It will be the Bears first game of the tourney.



I've been waiting for this one. The two teams split during the regular season but the Hawks almost beat the Panthers twice. Some teams just match up well against each other. Will VUU be rusty? Chowan played just well enough to get past St. Augustine's last night.  They will need a better effort to knock off the Panthers who are ranked No. 1 in the Atlantic Region.

One thing that's noticeably absent at the tourney this year is style on the women's side. Gone are Anita Howard of Livingstone and Jessica Kern of Lincoln. Talk about style, those ladies had it, and more. People, particularly men, are still talking about their semifinal matchup three years ago. I don't think a male in the arena watched the game.

Panthers are on a mini-run. Trailed 12-10 but now lead 19-12 with 1:14 left in first period. Shameka McNeill has 10 points as VUU now leads by 10.

End of first period: VUU 22, CU 14.

Game picking up in intensity. Panthers still lead 28-21 with 5 minutes left in first half.

Halftime: VUU 38, CU 27.

Latest NCAA regional rankings are out. Virginia State men and VUU women are No. 1 in the Atlantic, while Morehouse is No. 1 in the South.

Selection Show is Sunday at 10 p.m. for women and 10:30 p.m. for men.

So much for hype. The Panthers are pouring it on. Lead by 20 with 5 minutes left in the third. VUU will play the winner of Lincoln and Johnson C. Smith tomorrow at 3 p.m. So the Panthers and Golden Bulls could have a rematch of last year's championship game.

Panthers cannot miss. Have 84 points with 2 minutes left.

Game over. VUU wins 89-58. Shameka McNeill is the player of the game. Next up is Bowie State vs Fayetteville State.



Despite the 13-11 score, Bowie has looked the fresher of the two teams. The team played yesterday while this is FSU's first game.

Broncos are a run and gun team and they are picking up the pace but BSU still leads 21-19.

Having power outage problems at the scoreboard. Been happening all day.

Despite the Broncos trying to run, Bowie is keeping right up with them. Using their speed too. And still in the lead 30-25 with 2 minutes left in the half.

Another half-court shot made at the half. This one from FSU's Courtney Best to tie the game at 30.

Broncos have an early four-point lead coming out of the half. Shantel Bennett leads the team with 13 points.

Bowie is fighting hard thought. Sade Chatman is at the line to put Bulldogs ahead. She ties the game instead with 3:42 left in third.

Kyah Proctor gave BSU the lead until a 3-pointer put FSU up by one. Chatman ties the game, however.

Broncos on 6-0 run but Bulldogs keep fighting. Dynaisha Christian is a beast – beastess – in the middle pounding for rebounds. Has 9 points. 8:50 left in game.

Chatman is also battling. Back at the line. Got to hit those free throws. Probably tired. FSU leads 46-44. Now it's Pere Alexander's turn at the line. Can tie the game if make both. Makes 1. Makes 2. Tie game with 7 minutes left.

Kyaja Williams goes in for the layup and is fouled. Bulldogs have the lead. Makes it. BSU leads 49-46 but Courtney Best pulls FSU to within 1.

Williams with another layup and 3-point BSU lead. 5:04 left. Bu Noni Kuumba comes down and pulls to within 1 again.

Courtney Best makes shot and is fouled. Makes FT. FSU leads 53-51 with 4:14 left. But there is Williams again and ties the game.

Shantel Bennett gives FSU the lead back. Bennett again from a behind-the-back pass by Kuumba. Kuumba at the line. Makes  both. FSU leads 59-53. On 6-0 run with 2:42 left. Kuumba has 15 points.

KIara Colston breaks the drought to pull to within 4. 2:03 left.

Chatman goes to the basket and cuts it to 2. Bulldogs have the ball. Colston at the line. Misses 1. Makes 1. BSU trails by 1 with 1:09 left. Good game.

Jump ball. BSU has possession. Colston at the line. Misses 1. Makes 2. WE are tied with 39 seconds left.

Wow, the official called shot clock violation on FSU which thought it had made a basket. 8.4 seconds left. The Broncos got the ball back and misses two chances right under the basket to win it. OVERTIME!

Proctor nails a three to give BSU 62-59 lead in OT. Broncos have gone cold. Look frustrated too.

Williams at the line. Makes 1. Makes 2. 64-59 with 2:56 left.

Bennett at the line. Makes both. FSU trails 64-61 with 2:26 left.

Best at the line. Makes 1. Misses 2. FSU trails 64-62 with 2:08 left.

Colston nails a 3 as shot clock expires and is fouled. Timeout. Makes FT. 68-62 with 1:47 left.

FSU can't buy a bucket right now. Chatman is fouled on an attempted putback. Makes 1. Misses 2. 69-62 with 1:10 left. And a turnover by FSU.

Lisa Jing at the line. Makes 1. Makes 2. 71-62 with 47 seconds left. Another turnover by FSU. They are coming apart.

Chatman goes to the line. Misses 1. Makes 2. 72-62.

Bowie wins. FSU led by 6 with less than 3 minutes left and had two shots under the basket to win it. Having a bye can be a curse instead of a blessing.



Another possible good one in the making. SAU gave VSU its first loss of the season in December. We all know VSU coach Lonnie Blow has guided both the Falcons and Trojans to CIAA titles.

It's taking some time to get into this game after the previous one. Trojans lead 12-4 with 11 minutes left in first half.

VSU is big. You wonder how the Trojans lost three games. One player looks older than coach Blow.

VSU band is not playing nice. SAU cheerleaders were out on the floor and the band wouldn't shut up. Band directors are a rare and strange breed. They truly think the game is all about them. That goes for basketball and football.

Trojans need to come up with a better offense that shooting the long ball. As big as they are, they should be going inside. Lead 16-13 but if SAU could hit, it would be ahead.

This is one ugly game. VSU leads 19-13. SAU has been at 13 for what seems like 10 minutes. And that's the half.

The Falcons shot 10.5 percent from the field. This is not a misprint. And 0-for-8 from 3-point range. VSU shot 32 percent from the field and 16.7 percent from 3-point range. U-G-L-Y game!!!

And SAU still hasn't scored in the second half. Falcons last FG was 7:45 left in FIRST HALF.

Kenneth Collins fnally breaks the drought at the 14-minute mark. He backs that up with a 3-pointer and now Falcons within 4. Those long-range jumpers coming back to bite VSU. Collins is taking over.

Collins is taking over for the Falcons. Has all of the 7 second-half points. Make that 8 now. 24-21 with 11 minutes left.

But VSU's William Vedder converts a 3-point play and the lead is back at 6, but Collins hits again to put it at 4. Now has 10 points.

Philip Owens II nails a trey. Guess VSU is going to live or die by the 3.

Collins briefly went out of the game and the fans behind me almost went insane. "PUT HIM BACK IN THERE! HE'S THE ONLY ONE DOING ANYTHING!" After about 30 seconds, he was back in.

Despite the cold shooting, Falcons down by just 3 with 6 minutes left. It's so cold my fingers are freezing up.

Falcons. have clawed to within 2 after January's jumper. Can now tie the game or go ahead with 3:34 left and do. Tyre Gathright just nailed a trey and SAU has its first lead 40-39 with 3:23 left. VSU isn't even trying to go inside.

The winner of this game plays the winner of VUU vs. Shaw matchup tomorrow.

Trojans come back with 2 straight baskets for 43-40 lead with 1:58 left.

January at the line. Makes 1. Makes 2. Falcons trail by 1 with 1:53 left.

Louis Flowers goes hard to the basket and is fouled. Makes it. 46-42 with 1:26 left.

And Gathright nails a trey and is fouled. He can tie the game. Misses FT.

Falcons have picked up their defensive intensity.

Trey Brown is at the line. Makes 1. Makes 2. VSU by 3 with 32 seconds left.

Collins shot is short. Trojans get the rebound. Brown back at the line. Makes 1. Misses 2 but doesn't matter.

Game over. VSU wins 49-45. Dodged a bullet. January is one the floor crying. Almost entire VSU team going over to console him.


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