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The Voice of the Black Community


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Traditional values are popular in the black community
Thursday, April 28, 2016
What do these four people all have in common: Steph Curry, Ayesha Alexander Curry, Carvin Haggins and BriaMarie? Yes, they are all involved in entertainment at the highest levels. Yes, they all have achieved some measure of success within the industry. Yes, they are all black. Yes, they are all Christians and, yes, they are all Americans. But I think the
Black women can’t celebrate ‘Equal Pay Day’ yet
Saturday, April 23, 2016
The Sewall-Belmont House is located at the National Women’s Party in Washington, D.C. It is one of the oldest houses near the U.S. Capitol, and was the house where Alice Paul wrote the 19th Amendment that granted women the right to vote. On April 12, Equal Pay Day, President Obama designated the house the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National
Voting is key to education reform
Monday, April 18, 2016
Education, the answer to many of the problems ailing our country, is getting the least amount of attention from the candidates on the presidential campaign trail. According to a November 2015 Gallup poll, only 4 percent of Americans consider education or education policy to be the most important problem facing our nation. Respondents instead cited the
Homosexuality is the new black
Tuesday, April 12, 2016
In order to have a fully functioning society, we must have some common baseline of beliefs that join us together, whether it's a fraternity, a church or a political party. Without this commonality, belonging to a group or a society is impossible. We hold these trues to be self-evident: the earth is round; the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
When will we stop the criminalization of our youth?
Saturday, April 9, 2016
A few months ago I heard a case of 16-year-old Jasmine who was charged with littering. She stood before me for her first appearance in Durham’s “adult” criminal courtroom, 4D. The police officer who filed the charge wrote that Jasmine “wantonly, willfully, recklessly threw a green plastic bottle on the American Tobacco Trail.”
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Traditional values are popular in the black community

What do these four people all have in common: Steph Curry, Ayesha Alexander Curry, Carvin

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