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LETTER: Two Durhams mean housing inequality
Published Wednesday, July 29, 2020

In early 2020, McDougald Terrace housing project residents were thrown into a crisis none of them asked. After years of financial neglect from the Durham Housing Authority and failing maintenance issues, residents were informed of carbon monoxide leaks in their area. As evacuation orders became a reality, the lives of the residents were forever changed.

The issues with the DHA highlight a bigger issue within the city of Durham. As expensive and modern apartment complexes dot the downtown skyline, many of the public housing units operated by the DHA are in a state of decay. Housing and economic inequality have created two very different Durhams.

Driving through Durham can quickly reveal how downtown Durham is experiencing huge froth, while housing projects such as Forest Hills and Liberty Street sit untouched and unchanged by the rapid changes that have taken place downtown. It's very evident these housing projects do not bring in the rental revenue as the luxury apartments near but does not mean these places deserve inadequate government housing.

Housing equality should be a right that every citizen should be guaranteed to in every city. In cities such as Durham, which prides itself on being progressive, the idea of housing equality has been lost.

Idreese Foxworth

N.C. Central student


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