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Stay active throughout the year
Published Wednesday, February 14, 2018
by Johnny Ray Moore, Correspondent

Wow! It’s the middle of February already. Time waits for no one. And I still keep hearing people saying, “I’m gonna lose a few pounds and get into better shape the beginning of the new year.”

And most of those people are still saying the same thing.

Let me give you a dose of motivation: Right now is the time to start getting into better shape. It really starts with your frame of thinking. Tomorrow is promised to no one. So why not start right now, deep within the crevices of your mind, visualizing yourself eating healthier; eating in moderation; and embarking on a simple exercise regimen that is just right for you.

My fitness routine as a grandpa may not work for you. I maintain the following fitness routine six days a week, even at the age of 62! (I will be 63 in March, Lord willing):

  • I start my day by praying to an Almighty God.
  • I stretch.
  • I do sit-ups and leg raisers.
  • I do exercises for my midsection on my Ab Doer machine.
  • I do four different exercises on my Total Gym that tone my entire body.
  • I do three different exercises using my 30-pound dumbbell.

Then I do my cardiovascular workout by walking two miles. Some days, I walk only 1.3 miles.

For the sake of variety, I ride my mountain bike five to six miles instead of walking.

Furthermore, I maintain my fitness routine throughout the year, even when the weather gets wintry.

So for those who are really serious about losing a few pounds and getting into better shape, start doing so this very minute. If you would stay physical – just a little – throughout the entire year, you would not have to waste a lot of time trying to trim down during the nice, warm weather that is surely coming. You would have more time to go to the park, take a hike, have fun at the beach or simply take a leisurely walk into a setting sun.

All in all, this bit of motivation is what my Grandpa Fitness Page is all about. That page of fitness information can be found on Facebook about twice a month. My goal is to motivate anyone who wishes to commit to exercising and to becoming his or her very best selves.

Now, happy exercising!


Johnny Moore is an author, poet and exercising grandpa who lives in Raleigh.



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