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BOOK: An authorís journey to healing
Published Friday, August 11, 2017

Shielded by God’s Power: The Survival Kit: Surviving Satanic Forces

By Ivy Christian

Xlibris Publishing Company

Born in an era where children were to be seen and never heard, Christian learned early on that she was viewed as unlovable and unwanted, except as a punching bag and a scapegoat for all things wrong – real or imagined – in her family. 

In “Shielded by God’s Power: The Survival Kit: Surviving Satanic Forces,” she shares the story of her journey to healing.

In the midst of the chaos in her life, Christian is a survivor. Her journey has not been an easy one. Rather, she has faced being falsely accused, being taken advantage of in business transactions, and encountered significant struggles with both professional and personal relationships.

But, despite the hardships, there were also times of joy and laughter, where others reached out to her and showed her what real love and kindness meant. And, in time, she learned the most powerful message of all – the power of forgiveness. For in learning to forgive those who had hurt her, Christian learned how to let go of the bitterness and began to heal. 

Christian’s story does not end as it began. She heard about a Savior who loved her unconditionally. And, while initially she did not understand her Savior’s love, in time she learned the meaning of real love and acceptance. As readers read her story, they will see how she looked and worked to eventually overcome the challenges brought on by domestic abuse. 

Christian learned that surviving domestic violence does not come easy. But “Shielded by God’s Power…” will remind readers that domestic violence can be overcome by real love.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Christian is a wife, mother and author. But, more importantly, she is a Christ-follower and a survivor. 



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