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Pastors call for protection of traditional marriage
Published Tuesday, July 15, 2014
by Latisha Catchatoorian

RALEIGH – Several area pastors delivered passionate speeches from the steps of the Capitol building Tuesday urging legislators to protect traditional marriage.

North Carolina Pastors Network members called on Governor Pat McCrory to defend marriage for all states that fall under the 4th Circuit, on the heels of the Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision regarding the marriage amendment in Virginia. The NCPN is “unequivocally committed to a biblical worldview and to voting for individuals who most clearly embrace it, regardless of political party.”

Christian convictions and personal interpretations of biblical text were the driving force behind all that was stated Tuesday morning.

“We, the N.C. Pastors Network, believe marriage is God’s institution. We also believe the scriptures to be totally clear that marriage is between one man and one woman,” said Pastor Bake Garman on behalf of NCPN President David Kistler who was absent.

Garman said the constitution’s 10th amendment declares powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by the states, are to be reserved to the states and respectively, to the people. He said Attorney General Roy Cooper should be in favor of protecting the state’s marriage amendment but is on record saying he is opposed to it and unwilling to defend it.

“We reject the continuing arrogant decisions of the federal courts that assume the right to supersede the constitutional rights of states, negating such state laws and amendments that limit marriage to one man and one woman,” Garman said.

Pastor Mark Harris of First Baptist Church in Charlotte said North Carolinians of all races and political affiliations voted in favor of Amendment One (a constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and a woman only) with an overwhelming 61 percent majority. He said the people have spoken loud and clear.

“After more than 10 years of liberal leadership in our N.C. legislature, ignoring and refusing its citizens the opportunity to determine for themselves if traditional marriage – one man and one woman – would be protected by our state’s constitution, conservative leaders granted that opportunity by voting in Sept. 2011 to place that decision into the hands of the people of North Carolina,” he said. “While some would try to convince political leaders that there is a trend to support same-sex marriage, I would encourage that the governor and everyone else recall the facts as they are. There is not a trend of change in the minds of people. We must recall that 32 states, when actually given the chance to vote, they overwhelmingly decided for traditional marriage as the law of their state.”

Pastor Patrick Wooden of Upper Room Church of God in Christ pleaded with McCrory to protect the amendment. He said traditional marriage is a great deterrent to poverty, and if encouraged, would prevent people from needing as many government handouts to help them live.

“Defend the decision of the people, defend marriage the way God designed it,” Wooden said. “As a part of this community, as a native North Carolinian and a proud American, I want to say to the governor, we need you, even in the African-American community, to fight that marriage not be redefined. “Governor, 73 percent of our children are born to homes where there are no dads. We have a disaster going on. We do not need to add to the mix a redefining of marriage, where young black boys and young black girls will now be brought up in homes where there are two moms and two dads, only to add to the confusion.”

Willa D. Turner, who was out to support Wooden, her church pastor, said she believes the word of God and what’s already in the constitution. When asked if she believed in the separation of church and state, she said we should all live by what God says.

“Religion does play a role in political matters, for we should keep God first in everything that we do and life will be better for everyone on this earth,” she said.



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