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BOOK: The black cowboys transition from slavery
Published Wednesday, July 9, 2014


An African-American Perspective

By Sharon Carpenter

iUniverse Publishing, $11.95 PB

History lessons about the Civil War often include discussions of slavery, states’ rights and now cowboys.

In her new book, Carpenter provides insight into what life might have been like for blacks living in the Wild West before and after the war.

“I want to generate encouragement and appreciation for African-Americans who were able to excel and meet their goals despite the significant battles they underwent,” she said, “not much unlike many struggles we are still facing today.”

Carpenter’s poems emphasize the journey and contributions of black cowboys as they attempted to acclimate to freedom, cultivate families and romantic relationships and enjoy the flexibility to pursue a variety of experiences.

Alongside her dedication to black appreciation, Carpentr hopes to help young women who have been removed from their foster homes due to their age. Familiar herself with foster families as a young child going into the system, Carpenter’s story provides guidance and encouragement to other young people facing similar situations.


Isom Dart

Let me tell you the story

Of ol’ Isom Dart,

How he broke my will and my soul,

And also my heart.

He was as elusive as them horses

He was always chasin’;

You think you landed him,

Then you find – time, it was a wastin’ …



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