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The Voice of the Black Community
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Durham County Locations

27701     Durham Food Coop   111 W. Chapel Hill Street    
      Han-Dee Hugos
  1203 W. Club Blvd.
      NC Central University - Student Union   1801 Fayetteville Street     
      Durham Public Schools   511 Cleveland Street    
      Durham Center For Senior Life   406 Rigsbee Avenue Ste 202    
      Brightleaf Square   Main St. Entrance    
      Walgreens   710 Fayetteville St.    
      Salvation Army   Alston Avenue    
      W.D. Hill Recreation   Fayetteville Street    
      South Regional Library   4505 S. Alston Avenue    
27703     Han-Dee Hugos
  423 Pleasant Drive
      Milton Road Library   221 Milton Road    
      Holton Career & Resource Center   401 N. Driver St.    
      Kangaroo Express   3406 Hwy 70    
      Sheetz   3021 S. Miami Blvd.    
      Speedway   1400 S. Miami Blvd.    
      Walgreens   104 Sherron Rd.    
      Walgreens   1812 Hollway St.    
      Food Lion   121 Sheron Rd.    
      Food Lion   2400 Holloway Dr.
27704     Speedway   803 E. Geer St.    
      Walgreens   3905 Roxboro St.    
      Food Lion   3500 N. Roxboro St.
27705     Elmo's Restaurant
  776 Ninth St.
      Whole Foods
  Ninth Street
      Food Lion   2930 W Main Street    
      Food Lion   4621 Hillsborough Road    
      Cruizers   2716 Guess Road    
      Cruizers   3578 Hillsborough Rd.    
      Circle K   3301 Guess Road    
      Circle K   4604 N. Roxboro Road    
      Cruizers   2500 Erwin Road    
      Cruizers   3446 Hillsborough Rd.    
      Cruizers   4401 N. Roxboro Rd.    
      Sheetz   3414 Hillsborough Rd.    
      Walgreens   1505 Broad St.    
      Walgreens   200 N. LaSalle St.    
      Walgreens   3793 Guess Rd.    
      Walgreens   1821 Hillandale Rd.    
      Food Lion   4621 Hillsborough Rd.
      Dollar General   800 Broad St.    
      Dollar General   3427 Hillsborough Rd.    
      Dollar General   4623 Hillsborough Rd.    
      Dollar General   3820 Guess Rd.    
      Food Lion
  3808 Guess Rd.    
27707     Murphy   1039 MLK Jr. Pkwy    
      Walgreens   1109 W. Hwy 54    
      Food Lion   3022 Fayetteville St.
      Stanford L. Warren Library
  1201 Fayetteville Street     
      Lincoln Community Health Center - Walltown Clinic   1301 Fayetteville Street    
      Chicken Hut   3019 Fayetteville Street    
       Food Lion   2000 Chapel Hill Blvd.
      Dollar General   2000 Chapel Hill Rd., #1    
27712     Cruizers   100 Latta Road    
      Dollar General   5279 N. Roxboro Rd.    
      Food Lion   5279 N. Roxboro rd.    
27713     Circle K   3308 Hwy 55    
      Circle K   2503 Hwy 55    
      Circle K   100 Woodcroft Pkwy    
      Circle K   2322 Hwy 54    
      Circle K   109 W Hwy 54    
      Circle K   106 E Hwy 54    
      Circle K        
      Circle K   7840 Leonardo Drive    
      Circle K   4835 Hope Valley Road    
      Cruizers   1914 Sedwick Road    
      Food Lion
  1908 Meredith Dr.    
      Sheetz   7520 NC Hwy 751    
      Walgreens   6405 Fayetteville Rd.    
      Walgreens   2104 E. Hwy 54    

Upcoming Events

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First Time Home Buyer Webinar Workshop Tuesday,


Website launch

At 7 p.m., the Shaw University Center for Racial


Breast Cancer Awareness

Time: 3 to 6 p.m. Breast Cancer Awareness

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