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Stress: Relax… Relate… Release
Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Those six letters are uttered a great deal in the conversation. “These kids STRESS me out!” “Work is so STRESSful!” “My bills are just piling up and STRESSing me out!” Whether we talk about work, home, family, finances, death, birth, marriage, etc., stressors are around us. In part, our body may respond the same way with
Vaginal health: 3 key players that cause madness
Thursday, April 9, 2015
Sisterhood is always essential to the soul. To get around with girlfriends/sisters to laugh, cry or even have serious talks about life events seems to be cathartic. During these sister moments, we realize we have the same parts, but they are not all created equally. Such is the case for vaginitis. After my girlfriends and I were discussing a recent post
Study reveals effective treatment program for breast cancer survivors
Thursday, April 9, 2015
In a new study that could help improve the day-to-day quality of life for women with breast cancer, UCLA researchers have developed a cognitive rehabilitation program to address post-cancer treatment cognitive changes, sometimes known as “chemo brain,” which can affect up to 35 percent of post-treatment breast cancer patients. An estimated one
Drink (water) to your health
Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Here's health news you should find easy to swallow: Whether you're working, traveling, playing sports or just relaxing, it's important to stay hydrated regardless of the season. Making up more than two-thirds of the weight of the human body, water is critical to keep the body's cells and organs functioning properly. Keeping your body hydrated, says the

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