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The Voice of the Black Community

About The Charlotte Post Publishing Company, Inc.

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The Triangle Tribune and The Charlotte Post newspapers are divisions of The Charlotte Post Publishing Company, Inc. (TCPPC) which have served as a dominant force in educating, empowering and enlightening African-American communities throughout our 12 county combined coverage AREA in North Carolina and upstate South Carolina since 1878.

TCPPC alters the way "Black Media" is perceived in comparison to general market media.  Our “Standard Of Excellence” is upheld by our commitment to produce high-quality print and digital materials, report relevant and impactful editorial content, maintain a professional layout and original creative designs, and offer proficient print and digital marketing services that are often expected only from general market media companies. 

As a trusted media resource, our commitment has positioned TCPPC as a leading provider of diversified news, information and entertainment from a Black perspective.   


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Minority owned and operated, TCPPC is managed by Gerald Johnson, Publisher & CEO, and Robert Johnson, Publisher & General Manager.  

The 'Johnson Brothers' created a talented team of experienced journalism and marketing professionals that developed a network of print, digital and social media outlets designed to give African-Americans weekly access to national and local news coverage that affects the minority business sector and our community.


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https://asoft181.securesites.net/secure/charlottepost/clientuploads/About Us/1.bmp   
Remain a trusted media resource that supports the development and progression of the diversified business sector.
https://asoft181.securesites.net/secure/charlottepost/clientuploads/About Us/2.bmp
Provide in-depth and relevant editorial coverage, information and special interest stories from a Black perspective.
https://asoft181.securesites.net/secure/charlottepost/clientuploads/About Us/3.bmp Increase awareness of issues and initiatives that impact the Black community and influence our lifestyles.
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Effectively and efficiently connect advertisers and brand marketers with diversified marketing outlets that target Black consumers.

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