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The Voice of the Black Community
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Widow of pastor killed in Charleston massacre speaks out

Left to right: the Rev. Curtis Vaughn, Jennifer Pinckney and the Rev. Kylon Middleton.

Two couples share their journeys to happily ever after

Rickey and Donovan Parker are newlyweds and college sweethearts.

Film Review: Deadpool

If you’re looking for an unconventional protagonist with a potty mouth and devilish mind, fly to the theaters to see Deadpool.

Hillside girls rally to overcome Jordan

Hillside center Sandy Jiggetts was the difference maker.


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My head says Hillary; my heart says Bernie

I am looking forward to Nov. 8 and to voting for Hilary Rodham Clinton to lead these United States. I am so extremely excited that a woman of character, experience

Working mothers need more support

We all know that having children is expensive, but the cost of child care creates huge economic burdens for families, particularly women in single-income

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40 Days of Peace

40 Days of Peace begins with MLK Day and extends


Nick Knardirell Book Signing

The African-American book club will host former

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Film Review: Deadpool

“I’m super, but I’m not a superhero,” clarifies Deadpool, a petulant

Shaw's Richardson hits milestone

Another coaching position became available last week when Mississippi Valley State released

B-R-R-R-R, too cold for spring sports

CC just can’t believe it! One more week till the CIAA tournament. And you know what that