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Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Sports news & notes, 9/1

Are you ready for some football?

The HBCU TV season kicks off Thursday night with Alcorn State vs. Georgia Tech at 6:30 p.m. on ESPN 3.

The SWAC has four televised games this week. In addition to Thursday night, Grambling takes on California Sept. 5, 4 p.m. on PAC-12 Network; Alabama A&M vs. Cincinnati Sept. 5, 6 p.m. on ESPN 3; and Arkansas Pine-Bluff vs. S.C. State in the MEAC/SWAC Challenge Sept. 6, 2:30 p.m. on ESPN.

In the CIAA, Lincoln (Pa.) vs. Cheyney is Saturday, 1 p.m. on ESPN 3, and Livingstone vs. Benedict Saturday, 4:30 p.m. on Aspire Network. (YAWN!)

Game change: The Sept. 12 game between Hampton and Richmond has been changed from 6 p.m. to noon.

Let’s get it on!



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Monday, August 31, 2015
Jerry Mack at Durham Sports Club

Coach Jerry Mack does have a sense a humor. At a recent appearance at the Durham Sports Club, Mack told a joke before his speech.  I’m paraphrasing here.

A man went to the doctor and was told he had a year to live. “What am I going to do?” he asked. The doctor said “Do these three things: Give all your money to charity; move into the back woods of the country; and marry the first woman you see with nine kids.” The man asked “Will this cure me?” The doctor replied: “No, but it will be the longest year of your life.”

Of course, once the first football game hits, it’ll be hard to get some coaches to say 10 words let alone tell a joke.

Mack was a lot looser at his second club appearance. That’s what winning will do. While in the first year, all you can do is talk about what you “hope” will happen; the second year you can actually brag about your accomplishments.

Mack said one key to the Eagles success last year was developing relationships with the players, coaches and administrative staff. That’s a mistake he made as a 28-year-old defensive coordinator.

“You have to develop relationships with your players to get them to do what you want them to do,” he said. “And your employees, you have to let them know you care about them and their families.”

Mack said he lost a lot of friends when he became NCCU’s head coach. That meant he was bombarded with job applicants, but he didn’t let friendship sway him. It was all about being the right fit for the job. He recalled how he lost out on two head-coaching gigs at Louisiana Lafayette and Troy universities because he was told he wasn’t “the right fit.”

“We want people to come to our program that fit what we’re trying to do,” he said. “I think the future is bright at NCCU.”

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Thursday, August 27, 2015
What we are talking about, 8/21

Governor Pat McCrory signed more bills into legislation this week. Among them is Senate Bill 675, which lengthens the time between parole hearings for sex offenders. Inmates previously could receive a hearing annually. Now, they’ll have to wait at least two years.

Novo Nordsk Pharmaceutical Industries announced Wednesday that it will create almost 700 jobs at a new manufacturing facility in Johnston Count. The company says it will invest from $1.2 billion to $1.7 billion over the next five years. Novo currently employs over 700 people at its insulin production plant in Clayton.


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Friday, August 7, 2015
Sports news & notes, 8/7

As of Aug. 7, 15 former SWAC players were vying for a job in NFL camps. They are:

Alabama A&M: Frank Kearse, Redskins; and Robert Mathis, Colts

Alabama State: Isaiah Crowell, Browns; Tarvaris Jackson, Seahawks; Greg Jenkins, Jaguars; and Terren Jones, Bills

Jackson State: Rico Richardson, Titans

Grambling: Larry Donnell, Giants; and Jason Hatcher, Redskins

Southern: RaShaun Allen, Seahawks; and Arthur Miley, Panthers

Texas Southern: Tray Walker, Ravens

Arkansas-Pine Bluff: Terron Armstead, Saints; and Isiah Ferguson, Rams

For women only. Fayetteville State football will host its inaugural “Football 101: Women’s Clinic” Aug. 8 at 1 p.m. While I applaud coaches who want to involve more women, especially the casual observer, into its program, it’s still just a little condescending. Yes, PROBABLY more men know a little bit more about football than women, but that doesn’t make them experts. Besides, who cares whether a coach runs a 4-3 or a 3-4 defense? When the clock strikes 0:00, the home team better have more points than the visitor.


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Thursday, August 6, 2015
What we are talking about, 8/6

Gov. Pat McCrory wasted little time in naming a replacement for Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos. Rick Brajer was presented Wednesday in a press conference. Brajer is chief executive officer and director of Pronerve. He starts Aug. 17. McCrory was seen leaving Wos’ press conference with tears in his eyes. So were a lot of other folks – tears of joy!

Bills. Bills. Bills. McCrory on Friday signed several bills into law, including:

– HB 134: exempting minors from prosecution for solicitation of prostitution

– HB 562: amends several firearm laws

– HB 774: authorizes a medical professional that is not a doctor to monitor lethal injections

– HB 678: keeps debt collectors more in line with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Read them all at govpress@nc.gov.

Where do you live? Livability.com has named Durham the second-best college town in the country. “With its economy once rooted in agriculture, Durham now has a thriving science and technology sector due to Duke University and other area colleges,” it says. “A citywide transportation system helps students and residents connect to major attractions and entertainment destinations…and with more than 20 galleries and studios, Durham’s art scene rivals those found in larger cities.” Take that Raleigh! Manhattan, Kansas, is No. 1.

Better and better. The Durham Performing Arts Center just keeps moving up in rankings. The DPAC is now No. 2 in attendance rankings (2,712) behind Fox Theatre in Atlanta. The top five shows of last fiscal season (July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015): Wicket, The Phantom of the Opera, Kinky Boots, Newsies and Motown: The Musical. Five of its top 15 concerts were by black artists with the Boss Lady Diana Ross coming in at No. 1. Others were Erykah Badu (No. 3), Maxwell (No. 5), The Temptations & The Four Tops (No. 12) and the Isley Brothers (No. 14).

Facebook: Well, this is embarrassing. Our Facebook page is currently down. We are working on the problem, so don't start any rumors of our demise – AGAIN!



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Thursday, July 23, 2015
CIAA Media Day

Shaw coach Robert Massey must be feeling the heat. Massey didn’t mince words at Thursday’s CIAA Media Day. “We’ve got a lot to prove. We plan to be competitive and we’re trying to make sure that when you come to Durham, you’re coming to our home stadium. And to our players, if you can’t ride, you can’t play. And that’s all I have to say.” That was plenty. Looks like the heat will be on the players as well.

St. Augustine’s coach Michael Morand was a bit more diplomatic. “We’re looking to improve and score more than the 19 points we did last year. Offensively and defensively, we have some guys coming back that’s going to help us learn how to win some football games.” Morand said more but those darn free ads kept popping up on the video stream right in the middle of the coaches’ conversations. Then when they came back, their speech was over. Typical.

But enough of Elizabeth City State coach Waverly Tillar’s speech was heard, and he didn’t disappoint. Take it away coach:

“We’ve been down the last couple of years. 4-6 don’t sit too well with me and we’re going to do something about it. Things are about to change this year as we chase Virginia State. Our slogan is ‘Our Backs Against the Wall.’

“The walls of Jericho, they came tumbling down. All of you who think that you’re in the land of milk and honey and unconquerable, got news for you, the mighty Vikings won’t take seven days to bring the walls down. By the power and hands of the mighty Vikings, those walls will come tumbling down.

“The great walls of China came tumbling down. …Behind the wall was a legendary Chinese coach. Every year he told people what he was going to do and how many games he was going to win, but every year he lost every game. His name? WinOneSoon is the legendary coach.”

Thank you coach, as always.

Predicted order and preseason team:

Winston-Salem State

Virginia State

Virginia Union

Fayetteville State

Bowie State

Elizabeth City State 




Johnson C. Smith

Saint Augustine's

The Lincoln

2015 Preseason All-CIAA Football Team


TE AJ Mundle, ECSU

OL Addison Hayes, VUU

OL Jhamil Haley, VSU

OL Jac’que Polite, WSSU

OL Justin Nester, BSU

OL Kristjan Brown, FSU

WR Jalen Hendricks, LC

WR Jaivon Smallwood, VSU

QB Drew Powell, LC

RB Roderick Davenport, SAU

RB Kavon Bellamy, VSU

PK William Johnson, WSSU

KR Antonio Huff, ECSU


DL Anthony McDaniel

DL Michael Bloomfield

DL Ray Prosise, VSU

DL Kemaree Alcorn, CU

LB Austin Jacques, JCSU

LB Joseph Blanks, VUU

LV Brandon Lynch, VSU

DB Curtis Pumphrey, VSU

DB Darion Thomas, VSU

DB Brion Robinson, TLU

DB Rodeshawn Joseph, VUU

P Christopher Palmer, BSU

PR Antonio Huff, ECSU


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Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Sports news & notes, 7/8

The SIAC will soon have another full-time member. Central State, which had a partial membership with football, will be granted full status in the fall. CSU had competed in the Great Midwest Athletic Conference in its other sports, but ended its affiliation with the conference last month.

“Joining the SIAC is a great opportunity for CSU. The SIAC provides additional exposure for Central State and enhances the collegiate and academic experience,” President Cynthia Jackson-Hammond said.

Sometimes you just need for the dominoes to fall your way. Lynn University released head women’s basketball coach Niki Washington, who was hired as associate head coach at Bethune-Cookman. Meanwhile, Furman assistant coach Julia Huddleston takes the job at Lynn, opening up a spot on staff. Ergo, Lincoln (Pa.) head coach Jessica Kern gets the call. Bye. Bye.

The CIAA office has a position for assistant director of communications and media relations. The job description is three pages long and has more duties than a gopher. I don’t know how much it pays, but whatever it is, IT’S NOT ENOUGH! See for yourself, here

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Thursday, June 25, 2015
What we are talking about, 6/24

Governor Pat McCrory signed two bills Wednesday to support veterans and military families. Bill 478 waives the 12-month residency requirement for non-resident veterans and others to receive education benefits for in-state tuition. And Bill 43 extends the time period from 90 days to a year in which a retired or discharged veteran can be regularly employed and his application for a CDL.

McCrory also signed 12 bills into law. A few are:

  • SB 7 allows food stands to provide tables and chairs for customers while eating on the premises.
  • SB 621 authorizes the DMV to send renewal notices via email after receiving car owner’s consent.
  • SB 488 will help the state better collect child support payments.

Now, what about expanding Medicare now that the ACA is NOT – I repeat NOT – going away. Get over it, and let’s move on!

Ellis Hankins, former executive director of the N.C. League of Municipalities, has announced his candidacy for the District 16 seat in next year’s primary. D-16 includes west Raleigh, Cary, Morrisville and surrounding areas.

After losing a federal lawsuit, Cameron Village Library has agreed to allow religious meetings in its meeting room. After twice denying Liberty Counsel’s application for space, the nonprofit filed a lawsuit. The fact that it had to even go to court is shameful. Why would a library, of all places, try to sensor free speech?


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Friday, June 5, 2015
What we are talking about, 6/5

Get ready to become a one-sticker car owner. Instead of having two stickers on your license plate – one for the month and one for the year – DMV will now only print one sticker that includes both the month and the year. The company says the change will save money. Our renewal fees won’t go down, however.

How much bigger is North Hills going to get? Allscripts plans to build a 12-story tower and will be moving its 1,000 employees at North Hills. Evidently developer Kane Realty can do no wrong with the city council, no matter how much traffic and congestion it brings to the Six Forks Road area.

Are you one of those drivers who always push the envelope when it comes to on-street parking in Durham? Well, if caught, you’re going to have to pay double. Beginning July 1, the tickets will rise from $10 to $20.

Some bills signed by Gov. Pat McCrory this week:

• HB 113 increases the penalty for the commission of certain sex offenses committed against a student by school personnel. It also requires education institutions to obtain a list of employees who are registered sex offenders.

• HB 294 makes it a criminal offense to provide a cellphone to a delinquent juvenile in custody.

• HB 595 allows active and recently departed veterans to use their military police experience and training toward a N.C. Law Enforcement Officer Certification.

But the biggest McCrory signature was giving pardons to former death row inmates Henry NcCollom and Leon Brown. Now, show them the money!


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Friday, May 29, 2015
Sports news and notes, 5/29

Stacy Danley, former athletic director at Alabama State, had the last laugh against his employer. An Alabama judge awarded Danley $140, 216.87 in his wrongful termination lawsuit. Judge James Reid also dismissed a counterclaim by ASU that accused Danley of unapproved travel expenses. Danley was fired in 2012.

Play ball! Texas Southern (31-17) will face Texas A&M (45-11) in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Friday at 7 p.m. This is the Tigers first trip to the tourney since 2008. The MEAC’s Florida A&M will travel to Florida for a Friday matchup. The Rattlers are making their first-ever tourney appearance. The game will be televised on the SEC Network.

Hoops Classic. Former N.C. Central players Emanuel Chapman, Alfonzo Houston and Jordan Parks will reunite to play in the 2015 Gotham Hoops Classic at Adelphia University in Garden City, New York, on Saturday. The Classic showcases top players before professional scouts, fans and media. Joining them from the MEAC are Norfolk State’s Malik Thomas, and Coppin State’s Arnold Fripp, Jahvari Josiah and Michael Murray.

Somebody grab me a blanket! Former Winston-Salem State football player William Hayes, now with the St. Louis Rams, and teammate Chris Long, went undercover in the homeless community as part of an ESPN feature. The story will air May 31 at 10 a.m. and re-air throughout the day. Said Hayes: “It was the worst night I’ve ever had in my life for sure…My body hurts so bad right now.” See a clip of the feature on our website’s video page.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015
What we are talking about, 5/15

North Carolina is the ninth worst state for working mothers, according to a WalletHub Study. With No. 1 as the best and No. 25 as the average ranking, the state is 36th in percentage of single-mothers in poverty; 37th in length of the average woman’s workday; 38th in female unemployment, 46th in the ratio of female to male executives, and so on.

• Liberty Counsel recently filed a federal lawsuit against Wake County for its public library’s unconstitutional policy. Cameron Village Regional Library, a PUBLIC library, mind you, twice denied the Counsel the right to hold meetings there. According to a Liberty Counsel statement, the library’s director said they did not allow meetings discussing religion.

“Any policy that expressly prohibits meetings based on the religious viewpoint of the program is simply unconstitutional,” Counsel Chairman Mat Staver said. “The Supreme Court has struck down countless attempts by local government bodies to remove religion from the public arena. Of all places, a public library should not only understand but strive to uphold the First Amendment rather than engage in censorship.”

Indeed. Bet if the KKK wanted to have a meeting, nobody would censor it.

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Friday, May 8, 2015
Sports news & notes, 5/8

Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis will be the guest speaker at a fundraiser for Lane College. Lewis and other NFL and NBA stars will appear June 13 at the Oman Arena on campus. Individual tickets are $100. Contact football coach Derrick Burroughs at (731) 421-7461 or dburroughs@lanecollege.edu.

Are you ready for some REAL football? The SWAC Football Media Day is July 17 in Birmingham, Alabama. More details coming.

Movin’ on up. Coppin State sophomore sprinter Alexis Marsh (left) will attend the NCAA Career in Sports Forum in June. The forum gathers 200 selected student-athletes to explore careers in sports. (Personally, why would anybody want to be anywhere else?) Marsh earned all-conference honors this past season in the 4x400-meter relay.

Ramblin’ Rams. Winston-Salem State baseball won a record 40 wins this season. The Rams will find out their tournament opponent Sunday at 10 p.m. after the NCAA Selection Show. The Division II championships will be in Cary May 23-30.

ASU golf stellar. Alabama State’s men’s and women’s golf teams earned automatic berths to the NCAA Tournament. The Hornets won their highest seeding ever at No. 13. The tourney begins May 14 in Indiana. The Lady Hornets are playing in their third straight tourney, which is being held this weekend in San Antonio, Texas.

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Friday, April 24, 2015
What we are talking about, 4/24

The scammers are at it again. Imposters posing as city of Raleigh public utility employees recently tried to gain entry into a home in Rolesville for “water sampling” tasks. Also, several private companies have been placing water sampling door hangers on homes soliciting residents to purchase water filtration systems. They are not endorsed by the city. Always immediately ask for an employee ID from anyone claiming to be a city employee. They also should be driving company vehicles and wearing appropriate uniforms. If you suspect foul play, call (919) 996-4540.

Overdue honor. The Leonard Medical Hospital and Leonard Medical School have been designated historic landmarks. The properties on Wilmington Street are owned by Shaw University. The hospital is historic for its role in improving health care for Raleigh’s black citizens during the Jim Crow era. The medical school, of course, educated black physicians and other staff.

Respect the bus. The Senate tentatively passed a bill on Wednesday that would increase the penalty for drivers who pass stopped school buses. In addition to the current criminal offense, drivers would be penalized $500, and not have his vehicle registered if the fine is not paid. Still too easy we say. Unless your butt is on fire, there’s nothing in the world important enough to pass a stopped school bus.

Pick me. No, me! Six residents have applied for the Chapel Hill Town Council seat left vacant by Matt Czajkowski that expires in December: Kevin Hicks, Adam Jones, Paul Neebe, Michael Parker, Amy Ryan and Gary Shaw. The six will state their case at a special meeting April 27, 6 p.m. at Council Chambers.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015
Sports news and notes, 4/9

Alcorn State has named a search committee for its women’s and men’s basketball coaches. Both Tonya Edwards’ and Luther Riley’s contracts were not renewed. The committee will screen and interview candidates and submit a list to Athletics Director Derek Horne who will make the final decision. The nine members are LaKesha Batty, Jason Cable, Tracy Cook, Nedra Edmond, Dorianne Johnson, Peter Malik, Charles McClelland, James Stubbs and LlJuna Weir.

• Fred Whitted, an HBCU historian and author of the Black College Sports Encyclopedia, has finished another project he’d been working on for some time, "Shaw University: Decade of Champions, And, Beyond.” The 158-page booklet is on the history of Shaw athletics, from basketball to football to baseball and much, much more. It is dedicated to the late LeCounte Conaway, a Shaw alumnus and former sports information director. LeCounte, also my good friend, died in his sleep in 2011.

• Andy Seigal, former Boynton Beach High head football coach, has joined Savannah State as offensive coordinator. Former NFL wide receiver Lyle Leong is the new receivers coach.

• Maryland Eastern Shore outfielder Stephen Bull recently signed a spring training contract with the Camden RiverSharks of the independent Atlantic League. Bull finished his collegiate career as No. 2 in single season hits (68) and third in career hits (189). The Atlantic League is comprised of eight teams in New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Texas. Over 600 players have advanced to the majors in the past 13 years.

• Several HBCU players were invited to this week’s Portsmouth Invitational, a prestigious four-day 12-game tourney that showcases in front of NBA scouts. N.C. Central senior guard Nimrod Hilliard, and Maryland Eastern Shore’s Mike Myers and Issac Smith are participating.


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Thursday, March 26, 2015
What we are talking about, 3/26

The long-awaited East End Connector Project has begun. The $142-million, 3.9-mile project will provide a freeway connection between I-85 and I-40, the Triangle Expressway and U.S. 1 in southern Wake County. Construction is not expected to snarl traffic, but we will see. Projected completion date is 2019.

Identity theft. With so many tax returns being stolen through identity theft, the IRS will start sending out letters to taxpayers whose tax returns have been stopped due to suspicious activity. If you receive Letter 5071C, contact idverify.irs.gov. Warning: The letter will arrive by mail, so if you get any phone calls or emails on the subject, hang up!

Reversal of fortune. N.C. Mutual Life Insurance Co. reported a $358,000 profit at its recent policyholders meeting. That may not sound like much to bigwig insurance companies, but considering the company lost $2.3 million the previous year, it’s a whole lot better.

Best of the best. Forbes magazine recently named three Triangle companies in the top 50 of its list of America’s Best Employers. They are Quintiles at No. 30, SAS at No. 31 and UNC Health Care at No. 50. Sixteen North Carolina companies in all were in the top 500.

Who needs emissions? Beginning April 1, the DMV will no longer require emissions inspections for newer vehicles that are three years and younger with less than 70,000 miles. The vehicle’s age is determined by its model year. However, all vehicles are still required to pass the annual safety inspection before your registration can be renewed.

Long overdue. Homeowners who were wrongfully foreclosed on by SunTrust Bank should start receiving claim forms this week. Over 2,200 residents are owed $2 million from SunTrust. To find out if you’re eligible, call 866-590-8532.


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Friday, March 20, 2015
Sports news, notes & rumors, 3/20

Times they are a-tough for HBCUs. Stillman College announced this week that it was cancelling all spring sports matchups against non-conference teams. Here is the official statement from the school:

Like most private institutions around the country, Stillman Athletics acknowledges the financial challenges facing the college at this time and has embarked upon cost-saving measures. These measures included the cancelation of non-conference events and do not jeopardize the post season eligibility of the Tigers and Lady Tigers.

A full list of cancellations will be released on StillmanAthletics.com by the end of this week as we work with the schools involved and the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference office.

Coaching vacancies. If what is being reported is true, and Kermit Blount and Adrian Jones are the two finalists for the Johnson C. Smith football job, it puts an interesting twist on old school versus new. Blount has been around since Father Time, and many thought that football had passed him by. But it’s easy to forget how successful he was at Winston-Salem State before its failed try at Division I. Plus, with age and limited offers coming his way, JCSU can probably get him for a bargain price.

Jones, on the other hand, is part of the up-and-coming generation. As an assistant under N.C. Central coach Jerry Mack, he’s still young enough to not only relate to today’s players but can still beat most of them on the field. And, as a first head-coaching opportunity, he won’t be commanding too high a salary, either. It will be interesting to see what Athletics Director Steve Joyner Sr. will do. But what’s taking so long?

Two names were brought to my attention this week for the Shaw men’s basketball vacancy. Greg Jackson, sources say, has been inching to get back into coaching and back to the Triangle, although he’s not for want of money. Jackson reportedly had two years left on his contract at $260,000 when he was fired. Now I would be quite happy to just to sit and watch the games instead, but coaches are a different breed.

The second name mentioned, and this one is a shocking surprise, is former Shaw coach Joel Hopkins. Hopkins hasn’t coached since he left Shaw after the 2003 season. He did lead the Bears to their first-ever CIAA championship in 2002. Whether true or not, I for one would like to see him back. With him and Dave Robbins gone, the CIAA just isn’t as interesting as it used to be.

And finally, here we go again. Already folks are asking about rumors of LeVelle Moton leaving – AGAIN! This time, UNC Charlotte is reportedly interested. If Moton leaves N.C. Central, it will prove once again that money can’t buy an employee’s happiness. NCCU Chancellor Debra Saunders-White jumped through hoops to get him to remain an Eagle, and then he leaves after a year! Go figure.


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Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Sports news and notes, 3/17

Postseason is in play tonight for Division I HBCUs.

Hampton men will take on Manhattan tonight at 6:40 on TruTV in one of the NCAA tournament’s play-in games. The Pirates are the only team in the tourney with a losing record. The winner goes on to meet Kentucky. Thanks a lot.

N.C. Central men, although disappointed not to be in the Big Dance, are at Miami tonight at 7 in the first round of the NIT. Game will be televised on ESPN2.

Maryland Eastern Shore earned its first postseason bid in school history and will travel to High Point University Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the CollegeInsider.com tournament. Hawks fans can watch the game on the CIT website.

Norfolk State got to extend its season with a CIT invite. The Spartans are making their fourth straight postseason appearance. NSU travels to Eastern Kentucky tonight at 7. The game can also be viewed on CIT website.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015
Williams dishes out advice

At St. Aug’s football signing day last Wednesday, Athletics Director George Williams gave a passionate speech to members of the football team. He told them about a white track coach who, after receiving an award at a ceremony, thanked Williams. Coach wondered why the man was thanking him since they were rivals.

Williams said the coach told a story about a track meet they were both competing at during Williams’ early years as coach. Every time St. Aug’s won an event – which were many – the officials would disqualify them. Finally, a frustrated Williams asked why were his runners being disqualified. He was told it was because the team wasn’t wearing uniforms with St. Augustine’s written on them.

The college couldn’t afford track uniforms so they were shirts that said “Physical Education.” But, get this, instead of just disqualifying them from the start, they waited until they won.

Williams said the coach told him that that was when he realized that it’s not what’s on the outside but the inside that counts. And that same sentiment was what Williams wanted to convey to the players.

“Look at yourselves; you are here, so make the best of what you got,” he said. “People are going to see what’s in that uniform. You represent St. Aug’s. This year is our year. We have five home games, and help is on the way. What are you going to do with it?”


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