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Thursday, July 31, 2014
What people are talking about – 7/31

We knew that MBA programs don’t come cheap, but six figures? According to Poets and Quants, Duke University’s Global Executive MBA program is the seventh most expensive in the world at $166,000 for 15 months. Not to mention an additional $2,000 charge per elective. UNC’s Global One EMBA comes in at No. 34 with a $105,520 expense. And No. 1? The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business at a whopping $181,500. And it doesn’t matter if you enroll in the home or satellite campus. Is it worth it?

Where is Pharrell Williams? Raleigh-Durham is ranked No. 4 on a list of the happiest cities in the U.S. with a population of over 1 million. Are you happy?

What scandal? The academic scandal hovering over UNC-Chapel Hill hasn’t kept away donors. The university netted almost $300 million for fiscal year 2014, its second-best year ever, and a 9 percent increase from a year ago.

Close the gap. It’s pretty well known that American women who work full time are paid 77 cents for every dollar paid to a male counterpart. But black women fare even worse at 64 cents for every dollar paid to white men. That means black women have to work nearly 19 months to make as much as white men in the previous year alone, according to the National Women’s Law Center. And it crosses all occupations from doctors to customer reps to personal care aides. For shame!

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Friday, July 25, 2014
MEAC Football Luncheon

Bethune-Cookman Athletics Director Lynn Thompson missed his calling. He should be on radio. Thompson introduced the MEAC football coaches at today’s luncheon in Norfolk, Va. The conference really goes all out for its football coaches – dimmed lights, pulsating music. By the time it’s over, you are ready for some football.

New N.C. Central coach Jerry Mack was well supported with a busload of Eagle Club supporters in the house who didn’t take too kindly to the Eagles being picked to finish 8th. They booed associate commissioner Patricia Porter as she read the ranking.

Legendary football coach Willie Jeffries again was the keynote speaker and, to be honest, some members of the media groaned because they thought Jeffries was going to tell those same old tired jokes. We were all pleasantly surprised. He was in rare form. So much so that he’s going to get a separate blog tomorrow, but here’s a pre-taste: “My wife and I have been married for 52 years. How have we done it? We go to dinner twice a week; dim the lights, have some good food and music. She goes on Tuesday, and I go on Thursday.”

• Bethune-Cookman coach Brian Jenkins used his 3 minutes at the podium to plead the cause of all HBCUs. “HBCUs are in serious trouble. I challenge everyone to support our universities.” Jenkins said he’s given over $8,000 to Bethune in his four years in various capacities.

• Delaware State coach Kermit Blount recently wore red pumps for charity to protest violence against women. “If you find any pictures of me on the Internet in red pumps, it was for a good cause,” Blount said. “I have a new respect for women.”

• New Hampton coach Connell Maynor was much more subdued than his CIAA days. And he seemed to know what folks were thinking. “All y’all think I’m cocky. It’s because I know what my God can do,” said Maynor who is a professed born-again Christian. Then he issued this warning: “You picked me to finish 7th, that’s not gonna happen.”

• Leave it to the white guy to get the party started. Norfolk State coach Pete Adrian brought the house down with a revised version of The Temptations’ I Wish It Would Rain, and a breakdown dance after his speech. Priceless!

• N.C. A&T coach Rod Broadway had the most introspective speech. Broadway said his life has gone through three stages: the first was all about providing for his family; the second was to climb the career ladder; and now the third, which is to make a difference in young men’s lives. Doesn’t mean he still doesn’t want to win, though.

• Mack talked a little smack. He said NCCU is second to none and won’t back down to anyone. “I’m disappointed that we’re picked 8th. I’m not new to this, I’m true to this.”

Now, are you ready for some football!


Predicted order of finish:

1.      Bethune-Cookman                                            

2.      South Carolina State                                         

3.      North Carolina A&T                                            

4.      Howard                                                                                         

5.      Delaware State                                                

6.      Norfolk State                                                     

7.     Hampton                                                             

8.     North Carolina Central                                       

9.    Morgan State                                                         

 ** Florida A&M and Savannah State are not eligible for postseason competition, therefore they are not listed on the above prediction order.



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Thursday, July 24, 2014
2014 CIAA Media Luncheon

The luncheon is about the start. So far, I have a whole media table to myself. More seats than media. And need I say why - AGAIN!

45 days till the start of football season. Shaw Athletics Director Marcus Clarke is president of the CIAA AD Association.

Commission Jacqie McWilliams about to speak. Looks good in a green dress. Says conference faces challenges. "Cancelling last season's football championship game was a dark day for us." The board recommended no additional penalties against Winston-Salem and Virginia State after "the fight." Did change the conference bylaws "to make sure it will never happen again." Focusing on developing leadership and sportsmanship. Committee is working on a sportsmanship campaign. VSU had highest graduation rate of athletes at 70 percent.

Student-athlete Ayanna Tweedy gives the invocation. So good to hear somebody use Christ's name at the end. This PC crap has gotten out of hand.

Food is excellent, especially when it's free.

Preseason predictions. No surprises. Virginia State picked to win North. Winston-Salem picked to win South and is the No. 1 overall pick. Another no surprise, Rams dominating the all-conference teams.

12. Lincoln speaks first since the Lions are picked last overall. Coach Ramon Flanigan said they want to become relevant in the CIAA and not just a participant. Lincoln's Akeem Jordan wants to be a Realtor for athletes. He's close to getting his Realtor license. Lincoln opens its season against archrival Cheyney. Flanigan call it the Hatfields vs. McCoys.

11. Livingstone is next. Coach Daryl Williams said QB Drew Powell had rededicated himself academically and athletically. Only 4 teams had winning records last season. Powell was 2012 CIAA Rookie of the Year. Says he has grown on and off the field. Hllman Evans IV wants to be a radio personality or TV broadcaster. Has the name for it.

10. Virginia Union. Coach Mark James is one of two new head coaches. Panthers haven't won championship since 2001.

9. St. Augustine's. Coach Michael Costa is alone. No student-athletes, just like last season. Costa is in his 13th season. Says it's a lucky number. "We're gong to do better than what we did last year," he said. Doesn't every coach think that? Team will play entire season at George Williams Complex on campus. Thinks he can replace Chaz Robinson and Nelson on defense. Chris Roberts,  it's his turn now, Costa said. He's played behind other good players, but this year is his. CIAA is not a slouch organization and is not a slouch conference, Costa said.

8. Chowan. Coach Tim Place said last season's 4-6 record was disappointing and that's a good sign. Means people expect better things now. Chowan has killer football helmets. Players like them but Place said he could care less about a helmet. He just wants to win. What else would a coach say?

7. Johnson C. Smith. Coach Steven Aycock says their goal is 11 in a row, one at a time. Jovantay Williams looks quite dapper in his suit and bowtie. Not a fan of men in dreds or earrings. Never will be. Wide receiver Christen Patterson has on Kevin Durant eyeglasses. Talking a little smack. Smith takes on Charlotte. Aycock said there's only one football team in Charlotte and it's the blue and gold.

6.  Bowie State. Coach Damon Wilson said the team came together during the final three games of the season. Will go as far as the offensive and defensive line will take them. Bowie getting a new locker room for opponents and a new weight room.

5.  Elzabeth City State. Coach Waverly Tillar is in his 11th season. Tillar is looking all serious. Almost forgot what it feels like to have a losing season. ECSU finished 4-6. Got some help on defensive line. We are going to run the football. That's what we're going to do, run the football, Tillar said. Vikings open season against N.C. Central. Latrell (Scott) found a hole and pounded me pretty good. Then Damon (Wilson) came and found that same hole. But that hole is now closed, Tillar said. I'm getting ready for Durham. I've already made 2 reservations: against NCCU and the championship game. "For everybody that beat me last year, I got something for you."

4. Shaw. QB Trevius Folston says he feels like he can do it all, rollout, dropping back, running, whatever it takes. Expect to see many transfers and JUCOs this season. Coach Robert Massey is tired of losing. Folston is 6-7, 230. No basketball in future but coach Cleo Hill Jr. has been giving him a lookover. Marquise Grizzle says he wants the team to come together as a brotherhood and get back to winning ways of 2010, the Bears last championship under Darrell Asberry.

3. Virginia State. You can tell Trojans have a chip on their shoulder. Coach Latrell Scott and Brandon Robinson and Jaivon Smallwood are at the podium. Scott said he was a Joe Taylor fan as a kid. Taylor, a legendary football coach at Hampton, is now AD at Virginia Union. 

2. Fayetteville State. Coach Lawrence Kershaw said he had a decent first year but fell short of goal to win a championship. Michael Johnson said chemistry wise, the Broncos are more of a family.

1. Winston-Salem State. New head coach Kienus Boulware says he's been prepared for a long time for his first head coaching position. Was assistant under Rudy Abrams, Rod Broadway, Connell Maynor and one more I forgot. Maurice Lewis says it's harder and harder to win each year. The bar has been set. Boulware said Lewis didn't earn his respect, he "took it." Rams have a QB controversy and a leader will come out of that, he said. The two QBs are Rudy Johnson and Phil Sims. Interesting that Johnson is not here. Larry Hearne is a chemistry major and wants to open up his own practice.

Southern Division
1.    Winston-Salem State
2.    Fayetteville State
3.    Shaw
4.    Johnson C. Smith
5.    Saint Augustine's
6.    Livingstone

Northern Division
1.    Virginia State
2.    Elizabeth City State
3.    Bowie State
4.    Chowan
5.    Virginia Union
6.    Lincoln


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Friday, July 18, 2014
Sports news & notes – 7/18

Current and former Fayetteville State softball players have filed a Title IX lawsuit against the university, according to the Fayetteville Observer. The group alleges inequitable funding and treatment between the men’s and women’s teams. Some of the grips in a 65-page document include forced fundraising activities, limited practice times, inadequate equipment and more. The Department of Education plans to launch an investigation in August. And don’t forget, former women’s basketball coach Eric Tucker still has a wrongful termination suit against the university, which refuses to settle.

Football kickoff. The SWAC kicks off the football season with its Media Day Friday in Birmingham, Alabama. Robert Williamson will moderate the live coverage at 10 a.m. CST on the SWAC Digital Network. The conference’s website, swac.org, will also carry video and radio broadcast stream.

He did what?! Folks are still talking about Tuskegee’s Leon Douglas resigning as men’s basketball coach. According to the university, Douglas turned down a compensation package that would have made him the highest paid SIAC coach. However, sources say Douglas has higher aspirations. Don’t be surprised to see him pop up as men’s basketball coach and athletic director at Miles College. We shall see.

On the move. Former N.C. Central offensive line coach Jamar Harp has accepted the same position at the SIAC’s Paine College, which is playing in its first season of Division II football. According to footballscoop.com, Savannah State has released defensive coordinator Corey Barlow.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014
News & Notes – 7/17

Republican Mayor Adam O’Neal of Belhaven, North Carolina, began a 14-day, 273-mile walk to the Nation’s Capitol on Monday. O’Neal plans to petition politicians for help with health care in his rural community. The area recently saw the closure of Pungo District Hospital, which served more than 23,000 people. Finally, a Republican who gets it! Instead of trying to “get back at the black man in office” state leaders should put up more concern toward their constituents. Then maybe they’d change course.

• Another scam in the works. NC Quick Pass customers are receiving fraudulent emails stating they have an outstanding toll balance. Of course, there’s a link to pay the invoice. Once you do, your account will be cleaned out. NC Quick Pass folks say they NEVER request payment via email. Call 877-769-7277 with any questions.

• The homeowners insurance rate hearing originally scheduled for Aug. 6 has been rescheduled to Oct. 20, 9 a.m. in the Jim Long Hearing Room at 430 N. Salisbury St. Make your voices heard. Those greedy insurance companies are asking for a 25.3 percent increase in insurance rates.

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Monday, July 7, 2014
Sports news, notes & rumors - 7/7

What happened to a nice quiet summer?

Coaches are suing, athletic directors getting fired and band boosters up in arms. Typical HBCU summer, eh?

Grambling State interim President Cynthia Warrick is not letting the interim tag keep her from pounding the gravel. Warrick reassigned Athletics Director Aaron James and released men’s basketball coach Joseph Price on her first official day. Price had coached just two seasons. He issued a statement to the media last Thursday. Read here.

Rumor is women’s basketball coach Patricia Cage Bibbs will be named interim AD.

And speaking of the G-men, a report by Kenn Rashad of TSPNSports.com says the Tigers may be replaced by Langston in the 2015 State Fair Classic. The game has featured Prairie View and Grambling since the 1980s, but a scheduling conflict has the Tigers playing Jackson State on the supposed date of the Classic. Does anybody really want to see Langston vs. PVAM? Stay tuned.

• Alcorn President Alfred Rankins Jr. recently named LLJuan Weir interim AD effective July 1. Weir also is the associate director of athletics/senior woman administrator.

• Texas Southern Marching Band collected all the funds it needed to travel to the NFL Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony after alumnus Michael Strahan donated $100,000. TSU needed $150,000 but surpassed that amount after Strahan, comedian Kevin Hart’s $50,000 pledge and others. Nice job.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014
What people are talking about – 7/3

And then there were two. The Republican site selection committee has dwindled the list down to Cleveland, Ohio, and Dallas for its 2016 Republican National Convention. “As we move closer to choosing a host for our convention, I’m more confident than ever that we’ll have an outstanding partner to showcase our party and our Republican nominee in 2016,” chairperson Enid Mickelsen said.

• Workers in Durham should have smiles on their faces. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Durham’s average wages grew the 14th fastest in the nation to an average of $1,255 weekly – the highest among North Carolina’s nine counties. Wake County’s wages grew a measly 0.5 percent to $984 per week. Of course, if you don’t make as much, I’m sorry.

• Safety first. Last month Raleigh City Council approved a contract with the Downtown Raleigh Alliance to provide security patrols for parking decks and parking lots. The nine safety ambassadors will be on duty Monday thru Friday, 6 a.m. to midnight; Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to midnight; with some additional hours at specific areas. Call 368-7962.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July, and leave the fireworks to the pros!

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